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Mold Clean Up

Are you looking for someone to help clean up mold in your home, business or vehicle? Mold damage is common in humid climates, but can have serious effects on your health if it’s not dealt with quickly. Symptoms of mold irritation have actually been known to resemble that of asthma.

We’re a local, fully licensed and insured, full-service water, fire, mold and bio hazard cleanup company. We pride ourselves on the fastest response time, which can limit the amount of damage and health effects, and reduce excess costs.

Once on site, we assess the damage and proceed with removal and remediation of the mold and mold spores. Afterward, we haul away any damaged materials and clean the entire affected area, restoring the cleanliness of your home to its former glory, including eliminating odors caused by mold.

Did you know that when mold is the result of flooding, it can even spread to the tack strips and padding underneath flooring? We are qualified to remove and replace them, eliminating the odor and any additional health concerns due to mold.


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